Volleyball gifts for girls can range from clothing to equipment. Common gifts include t-shirts, jackets, bags, shoes, and volleyballs. However, I think that hygiene products should also be given as volleyball players tend to sweat a lot on the court. I also think that underwear is just as important as outerwear; so aside from shirts and jackets, sports bras should also be given.


Common Volleyball Gifts For Girls

You can easily find volleyballs, duffel bags, jackets, shirts, and other apparel at your local sporting goods store. These items are available in a variety of colors and styles. Other items that may interest female volleyball players include flannel pants and hooded sweatshirts. You can also give accessories like socks, knee pads, and hair bands.

When choosing volleyball gifts, you should consider whether the receiver is an indoor volleyball player or a beach volleyball player. As you know, indoor volleyballs and beach volleyballs differ in air pressure. Beach volleyballs have lower air pressure since they are not meant to be bounced on the court, anyway.


Unique Volleyball Gifts For Girls

If you are creative and artistic, why don’t you give something that is one of a kind? T-shirts, bags, and jackets bought from a store are practical, but they may not appeal much to the receiver. Giving a personalized gift will show that you care, and that you are willing to make extra effort. You can give personalized calendars, t-shirts, towels, and bracelets. You can either make your gift from scratch, or have it personalized at a print shop.


Underwear And Spandex Shorts

Underwear is just as important as outerwear, which is why it is also practical to give underwear as a gift. While most girls prefer lingerie, female volleyball players may prefer sports bras. You should choose sports bras that are designed for high impact support. They should be comfortable and functional. A good sports bra can control moisture and provide maximum bounce control. You may also choose a bra that allows for a heart rate monitor to be attached to it.

Aside from underwear, spandex shorts are also ideal. These shorts are usually a combination of spandex and polyester. They are soft, lightweight, and silky. They are also durable and resistant to shrinkage. They also provide protection against external elements. Moreover, volleyball players wear spandex shorts because they are stretchable and an excellent alternative to natural fibers. Natural fibers, as you know, tend to be bulkier and feature less maneuverability.


Hygiene And Grooming Products

Volleyball GiftsIt is normal for volleyball players to run and jump around the court, making them all sweaty after a game. This makes it is ideal to give them hygiene and grooming products. You can give a gift basket that contains essentials such as bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair brushes, and lip balms. You can also give bath oils, bath salt, and a handmade soap. These volleyball players may be tough on the court, but they are still girls. Volleyball gifts for girls that are practical are highly appreciated.